Boka Changing Table

Your faithful assistant: from a well nourished baby to a creative schoolchild

The Boka changing table will satisfy the baby’s needs and make it easier for parents to change and take care of the baby.

The changing table is of ideal height, which provides safety for the baby, and at the same time protects the back of the parents, enabling the baby to be changed in the ideal position.

At the bottom of your changing table is a shelf and two drawers, in which you can store clean diapers, creams and other necessities, so while you are changing your baby, everything is within arm’s reach

A very practical accessory for changing your baby can be rotated, and you will be able to turn the baby towards you or perpendicular to you, in order to provide comfort for both you and your baby. Also, this add-on can be removed very easily, when you no longer need it. By removing the accessory, the Boka changing table transforms into a very practical desk, where your child will express their creativity!

The Boka changing table is available in natural color, except for the handles on the drawers and the bottom of the changing accessory, which are available in white, red orange or light green.