A magical world created for your child

Perka is furniture that grows with your children, adapting to their needs, age and style. With a neutral and attractive design, it fits perfectly into any space, and with very simple handling, it adapts to the needs of your child.

Transforming a Perka baby room into a room for a preschooler or a schoolboy is simple, fun and safe.

All Perka furniture is made of high-quality oil-protected beech wood and is therefore very durable, so your children will enjoy their Perka furniture for years to come. The minimalist design of Perka furniture will stimulate your children’s creativity and transform their room into a magical space for play, imagination and exploration that they will enjoy alone, with friends or with you.

It is important to note that Perka furniture has FSC certification, which means that it is a self-sustaining production that takes into account ecological, social and economic standards. . All furniture is made of high-quality beech from local forests, so taking care of forest resources and preserving the planet is a priority of our business. The entire production process of Perka furniture is planned according to the highest European standards, from cutting to the final processing of the wood, which is fully utilized. Perka is a collection of children’s furniture of the Ramex brand, a family business with a long and positive tradition, and it is one of the few brands managed by women, but also including a large number of women in production – from project design to the final product.