Boja Table and Chairs

A perfect combination of fantasy and reality!

Table and chairs Boja will brighten up your child’s everyday life. Whether they are an addition to the children’s room, or centerpiece of the children’s corner in the common room, Boja furniture, with its minimalist design, will perfectly suit any space.

Made of solid beech wood, with rounded edges, they provide complete safety for your children.

Unique in its design, the Boja table has 3 holes on its top, in which you can place 3 wooden inserts that resemble different shapes of mushrooms.

One such hole is located in the middle of the chair, so it can also become a setting for a game in addition to a place to sit on while using the table.

Inserts can be used as toys that will help your child develop motor skills and creativity. Also made of the highest quality beech wood, the inserts are of different shapes inspired by the shapes of spheres

Each of the inserts is cut so that it can also be used as a bowl, a place to store snacks and sweets, as well as crayons, play doh and other items that the child will use at the table.

The perfect Boja table and chair will become exactly what your child wants: A place where they can express their creativity, but also a magical set for all the games from their inexhaustible imagination!

The Boja table and chair are available in natural color, and the inserts for the table come in three shapes and three different colors.