Boka Wardrobe

The keeper of your belongings that you will want to keep

The Boka Wardrobe is a very practical space where you will be able to store all your baby’s belongings even when they become a child.

Due to the very simple and timeless design Boka Wardrobe will fit into any space and become that piece of furniture that you will always want to keep.

The wardrobe consists of a large box with a door and two shelves, the position of which can be adjusted. In addition to the large box with the door, the wardrobe also has two practical storage drawers.

On the inside of the door there are reinforcements that protect the cabinet door from bending. Also, in addition to securing the wardrobe door, the upper reinforcement can also serve as a hanger with three places for hanging clothes.

The Boka Wardrobe is made of very durable, high-quality beech wood, and is available in natural color.

Cabinet and drawer handles are available in white, red orange and light green.