Boka Cot

For peaceful nights and the most beautiful dreams

Boka Cot will adapt to all the needs of your child, and as the child’s needs change, so will the Boka!

It is adjustable to two heights, which ensure the safety of your baby or child, but also make it easier for parents to put their child to sleep or pick them up.

On the sides of the cot, there are two handles, you can adjust their position and fix them in the desired position.

Depending on the position in which the handles are placed, they can have multiple uses: turn them outside and you can hang blankets or bags with necessities – or turn them inside and you can hang hangers and baby toys. If they are not needed, the handles can be removed very easily.

By simply adjusting the height, the cot changes from a cot for a small baby to a crib for a child. When the child grows enough, by removing the three bars from the front fence, you will enable your toddler to get out of the crib on their own.

By completely removing the front fence, the crib turns into a comfortable sofa, where your child can rest alone or in the company of you or their friend.

The cot is made for a 120×60 cm mattress

Boka is available in natural color, except for the handles, which are available in white, red orange or light green.